Owning  equipment does not generate a profit. The productive use of the equipment is what  generates profits and having the best technology can increase a  company’s productivity. Let the equipment pay for itself through its  usage. The increased cash flow may then be used to generate  additional profits and the fixed payments are a hedge against  Inflation.  

  The following are just some of the reasons why a company  should consider a lease or financing arrangement for any dollar amount  of equipment over $10K (with no ceiling) through Merrimac Capital  Services.

  Various Types of Equipment - MCS will lease or finance New, Used (typically up to 10 yrs), Titled  or Untitled equipment. A lease or finance arrangement gives you the most  flexibility for equipment that’s either in the office, in a production  facility or out in the field. When in doubt,  give us a call.

  100% Financing – Merrimac Capital Services  can offer 100% financing of the equipment with no large deposit required (subject to credit approval).

  Simple Application Process - A lease or financing arrangement can usually be pursued with just a  simple one-page application on most transactions up to $150,000 for an  established commercial business with good credit, comparable borrowing  credit and time in business. Given this situation,  financial statements and/or tax returns may not be required.

  Conserves Working Capital - When cash isn't tied up in equipment, it’s free for other uses such  as discounts for raw material, overhead expenses or expansion.

  Tailored Programs - Typically, the payments are 'even'  for the term of the contract. However, other programs such as seasonal  payments, smaller payments up front, higher residuals, etc., can be  explored.

  Utilize Tax Advantages – Under certain circumstances lease payments are generally considered  fully tax deductible versus a bank loan or a business can take advantage  of Section 179 as stated in the 2013 Business Economic Stimulus Package  or new Capital Equip. Initiatives.

  Simplifies Budgeting - Financial projections are simple because the payments are always  fixed for the term of the contract. They are NOT floating like with  revolving financing.

  Preserves Credit Lines - A financing program through us will allow a business to acquire the  equipment without affecting their bank credit line. Plus, the debt will  not show up on the customer’s credit bureau unless they are delinquent.

  Blemished Credit - Not  everyone has perfect credit, in fact most business people have received  nicks and blemishes along the way, some more severe than others. We  will consider those transactions that have prior BK's and outstanding  liens on a deal by deal basis. Contact us for  specifics on our credit requirements.