Some of the programs that merrimac capital services offers

Commercial Leasing and Financing

a.    Leasing Agreements & Financing programs

b.    New, used, titled and non-titled equipment

c.    Lease and finance transactions as low as $5,000 with no ceiling

d.    Working Capital loans for as low as $10,000. No equipment is required to qualify and the $$ can be used for any legitimate business purpose

e.    Sale leaseback for those assets that qualify (up to 75% of appraised value)

f.    Blemished Credit Programs (see below)

Municipal Leasing (Non-Profit, Federal & Native American Tribal programs are also available)

a.    Lease Purchase transactions as low as $5,000 (with NO ceiling)

b.    Equipment of all types; new, used, titled or untitled

c.    Various pymt programs; monthly, quarterly, semi-annual & annual

d.    Non-Appropriations Clause (Muni)/Waiver of Sovereignty (Tribes)

e.    Special fixed asset program on real estate projects/10 - 25 year term    

Medium/Large Ticket and Project Financing  

a.    Transactions from $150K on up that require full financial disclosure

b.    Project Financing for real property, hotels, tennis courts, warehouses, riding arenas, sports complex, sports stadiums

c.    100% project financing with tax-exempt bonds for 501 (c) 3 entities  

•  Asset-Based Lending (financing the growth of a company by using a company’s current assets to collateralize the transaction), Credit Facilities,

Project Finance Transactions

a.    Establish “lines of credit” utilizing accounts receivable and inventories

b.    Large Working Capital lines of credit

c.    Facilitate SBA programs, Bond offerings and commercial real estate projects

d.    Provide funds from $1M for emerging markets businesses; environmental &

heavy industry, etc.

Blemished credit programs - We recognize that many businesses have gone through (and in some cases still going through) credit issues. However, they can't move on to the next stage in their business to increase revenues and profits without additional capital equipment. We will consider a business with past BK's or outstanding liens by structuring a lease or financing arrangement so that they can acquire an additional piece of capital equipment.  Additional information, besides just an application, will be required.  Contact us directly for specifics regarding our programs and credit requirements